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Black 'n blue

Nemidon Black ’n Blue

A unique marine gel blended with natures
finest botanicals.

Use Black n Blue to care for sore muscles. It provides
a cool and soothing sensation and is recommended
before or after exercise. Ideal to use with ice.

"Currently 85% of independent practitioners
working on the PGA Tour use Nemidon gels"

Features and advantages:

  • Non-greasy, does not stain clothing.

  • Adhesive strapping can be applied immediately
    after use.

  • Ideal to use with frictional massage techniques
    and post manipulation.

  • Compatible with Ultra Sound equipment

  • Ideal to use in conjunction with RICE.
    (Rest/Ice/Compression/Elevation) treatment.

  • Does not contain petrochemicals or alcohol.

  • Not tested on animals.

Ideal for your active lifestyle

Use before sports - Apply before a gym workout,
surfing, golfing, cycling, walking; whatever your
activity Black n Blue can make your exercise more
enjoyable. Use immediately after strenuous exercise.

Black 'n Blue contains:

Purified Water, Seaweed Colloids, St Johns Wort Oil, Arnica Oil, Witch Hazel, Menthol, Clove oil, Junton, Bronopol, Triethanolamine, Sobitane Mon Laurate.

Fact sheet on the treatment of acute or chronic injuries

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