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Use with Diabetes

Ultra Hydration Gel & Footcare & Deodorant
Diabetes Associations stress how important it is
to keep skin moisturised, dry and clean to help
prevent cracks and fissures of the skin which
may lead to bacterial or fungal infections.
Serious problems can arise including ulceration
and gangrene. Both Nemidon Ultra Hydration Gel
and Nemidon Footcare & Deodorant hydrate the
skin, maintain a moisture balance and are long
lasting yet leave skin clean and dry.

With diabetes, the normal balances between glucose in the blood and lipid content
in the cells are disturbed, and this leads to a number of other disturbances to
normal equilibrium. A specific problem relating to the skin on the feet is that the
concentrations of water and/or the osmotic pressure in the middle skin controls
the shedding of dead outer skin, with the result that skin renewal is impeded. The
resultant loss of balance leads to the drying of the outer skin, with cracking. When
this happens, the ability of the skin to keep infection at bay is compromised. The
solution to this problem is to ensure that the water content of the outer skin must
be maintained to ensure good skin plasticity, but sweaty pockets within the skin,
which may support bacteria, must be avoided. Accordingly, the skin should be
kept dry, that is, fluid contact should be avoided and fluid should not be permitted
to accumulate, but the water contact within the skin must be sufficient to maintain
plasticity within the skin protein. The way Nemidon addresses this problem is to
avoid blocking the sweat pores and to ensure sweat is not the moisturizing agent.
(Most moisturizing agents simply block the escape of sweat and/or water to prevent
dehydration.) Instead, Nemidon applies a film a few nanometers thick above the
skin, and this maintains a desirable water vapour pressure over the skin surface.
This film appears to provide the appropriate moisture levels to prevent the loss of
water from the skin proteins in dry air, yet permits excess water to flow through it,
thus helping to avoid the enhanced water transport caused by prolonged water
contact. The film is quite tough, is non-greasy, but is also insoluble in cold water;
hence it is not eroded away by sweat.

Practical advantages:
These products will moisturise quickly, leaving a clean dry skin. Socks, hosiery
and adhesive strapping can be applied immediately after application. Both Gels
help moisturise and maintain skin integrity. Nemidon hydrating gels do not need
to be applied after bathing or showering to improve the ability to hold water onto
the skin as a traditional barrier treatment may do. Nor is a greasy residue left.
The gels are fast working and are long lasting. Medical Double Blind Studies show
that application of the gel is only required twice daily, then can be reduced to once
every 2nd or 3rd day to maintain the skinís integrity.

Nemidon Chafe Block
Ideal for the diabetic patient Chafe Block helps prevent chafing. Chafe Block will
not irrigate off with sweat and is ideal to use under skin folds and other sensitive
areas prone to chafing. Chafe Block will wash off with warm soapy water.

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